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Diversified Business Services is a list brokerage firm that specializes in direct response mailing lists.  We can obtain a mailing list for you in any part of the country and find the right list for your marketing needs.  As a member of SRDS, we have access to any commercially available list.  Using your unique criteria, we research the lists that will best target your particular market segment anywhere in the country. 


We are affiliated with all of the major list compilers including many other proprietary lists for targeted Direct Response Lists. 


We do not offer online count systems because we use many different list sources depending on your specific marketing criteria and goals.  No one list fits everyone’s advertising needs.


There is a list to fit every need!

Find out which list is best for you


Lists Include:

Resident / Occupant 

Consumers (with demographics – age, income, etc.)




Lifestyle Interests

Direct Response and Specialty Lists







“The mailing list is the single most important component of any direct mail campaign. 

If you are missing the target, it doesn’t matter what you are selling or how powerful your message!”


~Author Unknown



What you need to know about Mailing Lists - Read  List Basics.


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There are so many variables to consider when choosing the right list—let us help find the best list for your project!

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