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Diversified Business Services is a Direct Mail Marketing Services Provider working with corporations and organizations of all sizes—add us to your marketing team!


We are experts in


 - Mail Piece Design

 - Consultation

 - Strategy 

 - Project Management


We can handle the whole project or just a portion of it – you choose. 


We have an extensive network of vendors we work with to coordinate all aspects of a successful direct mail project, or we can work with a vendor of your choice.  At DBS, we believe our job is to implement a program that will benefit the client’s best interest and to reach their goals while always looking for ways to lower project costs. 


Many decisions have to be made and come together for a successful direct mail campaign.   It all starts with an idea that has to be translated into deciding which market segment will be targeted, where to find the correct list, graphic design, printing, and lettershop production with all of the components conforming to the many rules and regulations of the USPS.   Each of these have complex steps and things to consider that will have an impact on the other steps.  Some of the decisions that get made on the inception of the project will have an effect on the amount of postage that is paid at the end.  Other decisions made on printing may have an effect on the ability to process the addressing, inserting etc. with automation or adhering to any of the other rules and regulations that affect direct mail marketing.


We have the expertise and experience to manage the project from the beginning and watch for problems that could have an impact on the overall project budget.


"The (person) who stops advertising to save money

is like the (person) who stops the clock to save time."

-Thomas Jefferson

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