Data Management


Have you looked at your database lately?


Chances are, it is full of addresses that have changed zip codes, have lots of duplicate records , or even worse - the record gets rejected by USPS because of key-in errors and sloppy data etry.


All that effort you put into capturing data about your customers or prospects is only valuable if you can use it. Clean up your database for better response.


DBS will quickly and economically turn your data into a form that you can use for mail merging and accurate reports, and return it to you in a convenient format that will work with your current software.


 Data Conversion

 Eliminate Duplicate Records ( Merge/Purge )

 Field Parsing

 Address Standardization

 Upper / Lower Case Mailing File

 NCOA (National Change of Address)

 Data Append (telephone numbers, email address etc.)

 Update Area Codes and Zip Codes

 Data Entry

 Repair Key-In Errors

 Personalized Laser Letters

 Database and Report Creation

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